2021 Classes & Events

Firecraft Workshop

  • Join us June 18-20, 2021 for a weekend of Firecraft with experienced outdoorsman, 'Bushcraft Kelso'!

    What is Firecraft? 

    Firecraft is the art of creating and sustaining a fire for the purposes of survival or daily use. This craft is one of the oldest human skills that is quickly disappearing in our society today. Less than a century ago, starting a fire was a daily task.

    During this hands on 2-day course you will learn several forms of firecraft including primitive friction fire techniques, Charring materials natural and man made, solar reflectivity, locally sourced natural materials and so much more. 

    -Ferro rods and man made tinders

    -Make fire starters ie. PJ cotton balls


    -Flint and steel

    -Charring materials natural and man made 

    -Bow drill material selection and technique

    -Hand drill material selection and technique

    -Natural materials locally sourced 

    -Proper material preparation

    -Transportation or an ember via natural means.

    Much more!


    Gear List

  • Suggested Items: 
    Tent, Hammock, or Tarp Fixed Blade Knife Daily Meals
    CLOTHING Fire Starter Water
    Weather appropriate clothing Head Light & Extra Batteries Necessary Medical Items
    Waterproof Boots Waterproof Notepad & Pen Snacks/Drinks
    Thermal Base Layers Stainless Steel Water Bottle Work Gloves
    Extra Socks Multitool Camp Chair