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Fundamental Wilderness Skills Workshop

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    “Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise” ~ Michael Jordan

    Spending time in the wilderness can be mentally, spiritually, and physically uplifting when we are properly prepared for our journeys into the outdoors. When unprepared to deal with circumstances wild places can throw at us, it can be at best a miserable experience or worst case scenario a fatal one.

    Our ability to stay safe and comfortable in the wilderness relies not only on the gear we carry, but also on our knowledge to use it effectively. What do we do if our matches get wet, it's too cold to use a Bic lighter? Or even worse, we get separated from our gear?

    With so many variables, there is no way to predict everything that can go awry in the backcountry, but we can prepare ourselves to deal with emergencies through training.

    Handling an emergency situation is a delicate balance of the correct gear, knowledge, mental attitude, skill, and luck. We can't control luck, but we can carry proper gear, and learn and practice the skills to keep us safe when we go out.


    Discussions on accident dynamics, accident prevention, and risk management

    -SERA Survival Model

    -What to carry

    -Choice of clothing

    -Knots and tarp shelters


    -Water filtration and disinfection

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review