Bushcraft Slingshot

Join us for a hands-on Saturday Workshop with competing World Slingshot Contenders Sarah & Darrin Cook.

During this hand-on workshop you'll learn to craft your own natural slingshot and shoot it. We will provide you with the right materials and experience to confidently harvest and use your own slingshot. The Sling Shot is one of the most under-rated primitive survival tools that has existed for 1,000s of years. 


Lightweight: Easy to carry.
Simple: Doesn't require extensive training to use.
Inexpensive: They are easy to fit into most budgets.
SilentCan be superior to firearms in some situations.
Readily Available Ammo

Practical Uses:

-Hanging Lines
-Sending Messages
Camping Saturday Night Included

Gear List:

Suggested Items: 
Tent, Hammock, or Tarp Fixed Blade Knife Daily Meals
CLOTHING Fire Starter Water
Weather appropriate clothing Head Light & Extra Batteries Necessary Medical Items
Waterproof Boots Waterproof Notepad & Pen Snacks/Drinks
Thermal Base Layers Stainless Steel Water Bottle Work Gloves
Extra Socks Multitool Camp Chair


2021 Event Agreement & Waiver