Flint & Steel Critical Skills Group is the largest network of Instructors with the widest array of skills and experience available today in Survival, Bushcraft, Primitive Skills, Holistic, Wilderness Medical, and Tactical Training.

Our Instructors specialize in many different environments across the country. We have experience in the heavily forested temperate rain forest of the Pacific Northwest, rugged mountainous region of the Rocky Mountains, the Smoky Mountains, the Shenandoah Mountains, the cold weather mountainous regions of the Adirondacks and Catskills,  the arid Desert Southwest regions , the high desert of the Sierra’s, and the Eastern Woodlands and Coastal Swamps.

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“Flintlock” is the annual Skills Gathering for Flint & Steel Critical Skills Group. Our Instructors are coming together, bringing valuable skills and experience gained from decades of practicing and teaching skills across the country, and making them available to students in a single location over a period of five days. This is the largest gathering of Flint & Steel Instructors with the most diverse and comprehensive training available each year.

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As of November 1st, 2017, Instructors include:

  • Alan Kay from F&S Southeast and winner of Season 1 of “Alone” on History.
  • Dr. Nicole Apelian from F&S Pacific from “Alone” on History.
  • Kirsten Rechnitz from F&S Southwest from “Survival HD” produced by The Survival Summit.
  • Justin Cook from F&S Southeast and “Men, Women, Wild” on Discovery.
  • Kau’i Morehead from F&S Southeast and “Bushcraft Build-Off” with Matt Graham on Discovery.
  • Joshua Enyart from F&S Southeast, former Army Ranger and Green Beret
  • Jason Marsteiner from F&S Mountain, owner of Colorado Mountain Man Survival School.
  • Griz Griz from F&S Mountain, former Army Ranger and owner of H&M Tactical.
  • Jeffrey Laun from F&S Mountain, Wilderness Paramedic from Colorado Mountain Man Survival School.
  • Phillip Liebel from F&S Southwest, owner of Primitive Wilderness Survival in Texas.

More instructors are being added, so check back often!

Training available will include a very diverse range of skills, including:

  • Survival Kit Planning and EDC
  • Primitive Friction Fires (Bow Drill, Hand Drill, and Bamboo Fire Saw)
  • Primitive Shelters
  • Techniques for procuring, filtering, and treating water
  • Survival Fishing and Trapping
  • Cleaning, processing, and preserving fish and game
  • Useful, Edible, and Medicinal Plants
  • Map Reading, Land Navigation, and Survival Signals
  • First Aid for common wilderness injuries
  • Primitive Weapons including the Atlatl and Bow
  • Flintknapping
  • Holistic Medicine
  • Practical Hand-to-Hand Combatives
  • and much more!

Cost: $527.99 per student for the 5-Day event (includes campsite).  (10% off for early registration at least 14 days prior to the event start).

Tickets: Available only at www.flintsteelcsg.com (not available at the “door”).

Minimum Age: 18 without adult supervision. Children accompanying parents or legal guardians are not limited in age. Children 12 and over require their own ticket. Children under 12 are free.

Required Equipment List:  Although many materials will be provided for a lot of the instruction, students should bring their own kits to have them available for training.

Students should also bring everything they need to camp for the week and be comfortable during training in any type of weather.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Flint & Steel Courses are bound by Federal, State, and Local laws for hunting, fishing, and trapping. These laws specify the licensing requirements, regulations, and seasons that must be followed, as well as manner of taking. Techniques that will be taught and shown are for emergency situations only, and because of this, we cannot do live hunting and trapping during the courses. However, students will be taught the techniques and will practice them, and when available, animals will be brought in from a legal source.

Water: Fresh water will be available on site, please bring your own re-useable water bottle to limit the impact on the environment.

Meals:  Meals will not be provided and are the responsibility of the student. Concessions are expected to be available.

Camping and Services: Campsites are available on-site and are included in the price of admission. Portable toilets and solar camp showers will also be available.

Liability Waiver: Due to the inherent danger of survival training, all students should seek medical advice and clearance from their personal Physician prior to attending any Flint & Steel Critical Skills Group, LLC event. Registration for this or any Flint & Steel event constitutes acceptance of the Flint & Steel Critical Skills Group LLC Liability Waiver.

Cancellation and Refund Policy: Refunds and Credits are both available at the students request so long as the request is received no later than 14 (14) days in advance. Since many of our instructors travel to these locations and need time to plan, we cannot offer refunds after this time has elapsed. Failure to show up at an event or leaving an event early that you were ticketed for will not warrant a refund or credit.

On rare occasions, due to circumstances beyond our control, it may be necessary to cancel scheduled events. In the event Flint & Steel Critical Skills Group, LLC cancels a scheduled event, regardless of time prior to the event, all students will be offered a full refund or credit towards a future event (choice of the student to be used within 3 years).

Please contact joshua@flintsteelCSG.com for refund or cancellation requests.