Meet the Instructors


Justin Cook grew up in the country on a farm in North Alabama. His interests in the outdoors began at a very early age. All types of hunting and fishing was and still is a family tradition and way of life for the Cooks. The pursuit of archery coupled with the curiosity of finding artifacts on the riverbanks and in the fields of Alabama and Tennessee led Justin to pursue his interest in Archaeology and anthropology. Through many years of practice, trial, and error Justin has become a highly skilled flint knapper, primitive archer, and wilderness living skills practitioner. Justin's archaeological reproductions, arrows, and arrowheads are displayed in several museums and universities across the United States.

In 2015 Justin and his wife Jenny were featured on 7 episodes of Discovery Channel's survival series "Men Women Wild". They were sent to survive on the frozen Senja Island, Norway- 7 degrees above the Arctic Circle. Despite brutal storms and cold weather, they managed to survive and thrive for 21 days. Justin is currently an Environmental Scientist for the State of Florida in Pensacola. His website is



Mark DeJong, Nationally-Registered Paramedic and founder of Off Grid Medic LLC, has over 22 years of experience in treating victims of trauma and sudden illness. Mark has a degree in Emergency Medical Services and is a certified Georgia Paramedic Instructor. As part of a military assignment, he spent two years providing remote medical care to the indigenous people of the Philippines, where his passions for medicine and primitive living fused together. He serves on the Advisory Council at the Appalachian Center for Wilderness Medicine, and has trained alongside elite members of the US Army and the US Marshall's Service. Mark currently serves as the Director of Emergency Medical Services for a rural county in Southwest Georgia. His teaching style is very interactive and informal, and he often uses personal experiences and humor to reinforce his material. Follow him on Instagram! #offgridmedic

Scott Jones, a native to Georgia, has made a life-long study of natural and cultural history, and the interconnectedness of the two. This interest in natural science and human technology merged easily with his archaeological training, and in 1987 he began to apply his expertise full-time to the study of Stone-Age skills, ancient technologies and their relation to our lives today. He says: “We need to see ourselves in prehistory. All of our ancestors, regardless of race or geographical origin, were using stone tools just a few thousand years ago. Many of the basic skills were common to everyone.” 

Media Prehistoria is Scott's professional enterprise that is dedicated to educating the public about early technologies and lifeways.

Stuart Barrow is a master falconer who has been practicing falconry for 8 years. He first started as a falconer on his senior year of high school training and hunting with a red tailed hawk named Saphira. Since then he has trained 4 hawks.

Falconry is the sport and art of training hawks, falcons, eagles, and buzzards to hunt with you as a team. In Stuart’s case he uses a trained red-tail hawk to catch and kill squirrels and rabbits.

In addition to presenting falconry at the bushcraft camp, he also instructs falconry at the Charlie Elliot Wildlife Center Falconry Class, teaches about falconry at schools and other educational facilities, and presents at boy scout troops.

Stuart is an eagle scout himself, and has many interests including hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, bird watching, herpetology, and many other outdoor activities.

Todd Walker grew up in Musella, Georgia where, as a young boy, he developed a passion for woods loafing and learning to get along well in the outdoors. He never outgrew it. He is a middle school teacher who takes every opportunity to get students outside to explore our natural world, learn primitive skills, and share woods lore. Always the student, he's eager to learn from fellow woodsmen. Todd is happily married to the lovely Dirt Road Girl (Ann) and a proud father and grandfather. Todd is the founder and writer of