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Basic Bushcraft Class


    BASIC Bushcraft CLASS

     Next Class: September 17 & 18, 2022

    Join us for an in-depth 2-day workshop with experienced outdoorsman, 'Bushcraft Kelso' where you'll learn the essentials of BUSHCRAFT. This hands-on course will teach you foundational woodland skills like making primitive tools, important wilderness knowledge on plant and animal life as well as other basic self-reliant education.

    This course will be broken down in to four areas:

    tool & utensil making

    Clam Shell Spoons

    Pot Hooks

    Pack Saw

    Pack Frames


    Cordage Making

    Wood Carving Techniques

    Food Procurement

    Frog Gigs

    Primitive Fishing Implements

    Sling Shots


    Local Tree and Plant Identification

    Knot Tying

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