Basic Bushcraft Class - February 4-6 2022

  • Join us for an in-depth 2-day workshop with experienced outdoorsman, 'Bushcraft Kelso' where you'll learn the essentials of Bushcraft. This hands-on course will teach you foundational woodland skills like making primitive tools, important wilderness knowledge on plant and animal life as well as other basic self-reliant education.
    This Basic Bushcraft Workshop course will be broken down into these 4 areas:

    Tool & Utensil Making:

    Pack Frames-

    Pack Saw-

    Clam Shell Spoon-

    Basket / Container Making-

    Bush Craft:

    Natural Shell Oil Lamp-

    Cordage Making-

    Clothes Pins-

    Food Procurement: 

    Primitive Fishing Implements-

    Knowledge (Local Resources):

    Plus Many More Wilderness and Bushcraft Skills 
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