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Firecraft Workshop


    Firecraft Workshop

     JUNE 25 & 26, 2022

    Join us for a weekend of Firecraft with experienced outdoorsman, 'Bushcraft Kelso'!

    What is Firecraft?

    Firecraft is the art of creating and sustaining a fire for the purposes of survival or daily use. This craft is one of the oldest human skills that is quickly disappearing in our society today. Less than a century ago, starting a fire was a daily task.

    During this hands on 2-day course you will learn several forms of Firecraft including primitive friction fire techniques, charring natural and man-made materials, solar reflectivity, sourcing local natural materials and so much more!


    -Proper Ferro Rod Techniques

    -Home Made Tinder Options

    -Solar Reflectors

    -Flint & Steel

    -Charring Natural & Man-Made Materials

    -Primitive Fire Starting Techniques - Bow Drill & Hand Drill

    -Finding Natural Fire Starting Materials


    Much more!

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