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Wilderness skills instructor, gear developer and tester, blacksmith and owner of Bushcraftkelso LLC.

Kelso specializes in wilderness skills and bushcraft in the South Eastern United States. Teaching both private and public multiday classes covering a wide variety of skill sets. His classes provide tried and true wilderness skills with a touch of his outside the box thinking.

Working closely with many companies in the outdoor industry,  Kelso not only tests gear in real world scenarios but helps to fine tune and develop trusted gear from urban EDC to the minimal primitive survivalist. Kelso has designed several knives as well as many handforged tools and soft goods.Imitation of industry is seen in lots of his hand made bushcraft gizmos and gadgets. Fully functional fishing combos, mechanical traps and cooking impliments to name a few. 

Sharing and connecting with others is a passion for Kelso. Helping others to explore their imaginations while honing their outdoor skills is fun and if people are having fun while learning potential life saving skills it's a win win for everyone. 


"Kelso gives clear and easy to follow guidance and tips on all the projects and helps troubleshoot along the way. He has a huge amount of knowledge and is incredibly patient and likable which made learning fun."

Dana S. Feb 07, 2022

"Kelso is sure to teach you all the skills to make life in the bush more comfortable."

Gerald Feb 07, 2022

"I have to admit, I was blown away. the amount of professionalism and patients from Kelso was superb."

Kennneth B. July 26, 2021

"Kelso was an awesome instructor"

Ben G. Feb 21, 2021

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"Kelso is a great guy who has a wealth of knowledge and the patience of a Saint. He is dedicated to teaching what he loves and his personality is contagious. I enjoyed taking this course with my kids and look forward to taking more."

Chris D. Feb 10, 2022

"Kelso's ability to break down instruction to every student is remarkable. It's not just an educational event, it's fun!"

Paul H. Feb 09, 2022

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