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NOVEMBER 8-10, 2024


Enjoy a weekend of camping! Take the opportunity to testing out new gear, learn to cook over a fire and meet other like-minded folks!


Learn a new skill with an instructor by your side from one of the many Extended Workshops we offer.


Experience BUSHCRAFT first hand by participating in live demos, woods walks and other unscheduled workshops from one of dozens of outdoor instructors and enthusiasts.


Here's your opportunity to get outside and have fun in a safe family friendly environment!





Reviews & Testimonials

It went way beyond my expectations! I attended the fall gathering and it was amazing. Everyone was so kind and generous. There were so many things to learn and see. Strangers became friends, knowledge was shared and I felt like everyone was just part of an extended family. It was like getting a big warm hug of acceptance and joy. Plus it's outside with kids running around laughing, a campfire burning and endless stories being told.

Heather S.

Really loved the events I have attended (Fall ‘22 and spring ‘23). Met great people and the classes were informative and relatable. 5 stars, would recommend and will be back for Fall ‘23!

Jim K.

Fantastic, highly recommended to anyone from experienced outdoorsmen to those looking for their intro to the outdoors life.
Great people and family friendly atmosphere.

Jaron K.

Amazing! I learned so much with so many cool people who are friendly, open and welcoming. I was so excited to bring back all my new skills from making fire cider to creating my own Birch basket.


What an amazing group of people! I have attended two events and camped both times. These events are wonderfully organized, offer incredible learning opportunities and most of all connection to our community!

Jennifer C.

Always a blast hanging out with old friends, making new ones and enjoying the vast array of classes and workshops offered. There’s never been a negative experience for me, Casey is amazing at making things run as smoothly as humanly possible.

Steven H.

Attending Georgia Bushcraft was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The teachers teach what boils down to the basics of what will really be important one day, as they were in past times. They teach us how to survive in this world without modern conveniences such as housing, grocery stores, hospitals, electricity, running water, etc., all the while teaching us not to take these things for granted. In my opinion, these things should be taught in school. I'm forever changed and grateful for the Georgia Bushcraft experience and look forward to being able to attend again in the future.

Denise B.






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