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  • Review: Helle Raud S

    Review: Helle Raud S

    During our time with this small red-stained knife, we've been pleasantly surprised to find it capable of everything we've asked of it. It disappears into the coin pocket on a pair of jeans, but when needed, the lockback snaps reassuringly, and the Raud S is ready for action.
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  • Best Bushcraft Gear: Bushcraft Kelso

    Best Bushcraft Gear: Bushcraft Kelso

    We caught up with the one and only Bushcraft Kelso at his latest Fire Craft class and asked him to contribute to the Bushcraft Gear Essentials series. If you follow him on Instagram, then you can probably guess a few...

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  • Top 3 Alternative Outdoor Communications

    Top 3 Alternative Outdoor Communications

    When you’re in the backcountry communication is key. A solo traveler needs a reliable way to contact help in case there’s an emergency, and a group needs a reliable way to stay in touch with each other. While it’s tempting to rely on cell phones, if you’ve ventured far from the beaten path you’ve found that they aren’t always reliable. 

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  • How To Make Fire With Flint and Steel

    How To Make Fire With Flint and Steel

    This special guest post was written by Sam Kelly of Twin Hawks Outdoors. Sam is a primitive skills practitioner with extensive experience in flint knapping, bow building, hunting with primitive equipment, and much more. He was also a vendor at...

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  • Top 10 Land Nav Myths

    Top 10 Land Nav Myths

    I am very thankful that I will work with the Georgia Bushcraft crew again for some in-person training. In the last class we covered Nature Immersion, which included tree identification, animal tracking, and many more skillsets related directly to bushcrafting. This...

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  • Best Bushcraft Coffee Methods

    Best Bushcraft Coffee Methods

    Coffee is near the top of the packing list for just about any adventure. So regardless if we're heading deep into the backcountry or just spending the day on the back 40, a pick me up via your favorite brew is a must-have.

    How we brew our coffee depends on the day, the gear loadout, and sometimes just our mood. Here are some of our favorite ways to get our coffee fix in the woods. 

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  • How to Use Medicinal Plants

    How to Use Medicinal Plants

    We hear a lot about a lot of medicinal plants in the bushcraft world, but the details on how to use them don't get as much attention. We are told the plants can be used as things like poultices, decoctions,...

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  • Image by Osman Rana

    Medicinal Trees of Georgia

    Some of these medicinal powers are as simple as eating a leaf, while others take some prep work. In every case, all the steps needed to access these abilities can be done in the wild. Note I won't be covering how to identify them. That step will be left to the reader as good practice.
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  • How to Bushcraft with a Swiss Army Knife

    How to Bushcraft with a Swiss Army Knife

    Of the millions of the folding-knives ever made, the Swiss Army knife is arguably one of the most recognizable. The scales are usually red and bear some sort of cross emblem, and sandwiched between them; you'll find a multitude of combinations of tools. 
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  • How to Make a Survival Shelter

    How to Make a Survival Shelter

    While most of us carry a tarp or tent, there could be a time when you don't have any overhead coverage available. This is when the ability to build a shelter from natural materials becomes very useful. In this article we'll discuss how to build a debris shelter that provides warmth and coverage. 
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  • How To: Sharpening Without a Sharpener

    How To: Sharpening Without a Sharpener

    We've all done it; set up camp in a remote place only to realize that we forgot to sharpen our knife. DOH! It's frustrating spending all weekend doing camp activities with a knife-shaped bowling ball. What to do?
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  • Raising Backyard Chickens

    Raising Backyard Chickens

    A hundred years ago, chickens and their eggs were a delicacy of sorts, and large chicken farms didn't exist like they do today. Backyard chickens didn't really become a popular 'thing' until the late 1920s & 30s, thanks in part to the discovery of vitamin D (which helps chickens survive longer during winter months) and the Great Depression. As WWII hit in the mid-1930s, it became a sense of pride and American duty to grow Victory Gardens and raise chickens. As time went on and technology advanced, the industrialization of chicken farming grew into a multi-billion dollar industry.
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  • Campfire Co-Op Demo Days 2023
    April 5, 2023 Georgia Bushcraft

    Campfire Co-Op Demo Days 2023

    Demo Days bring together business owners, teachers, and other leaders in the outdoor industry to collaborate and share their successes and challenges.
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  • The Best Bushcraft Knives of Blade Show 2022
    January 5, 2023 Casey Deming

    The Best Bushcraft Knives of Blade Show 2022

    The Best Bushcraft Knives of Blade Show 2022 If you have never been to Blade Show, it’s difficult to describe the sheer number of blades that are all under one roof. From cases of classic Randalls to new designs that...

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