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  • What Is the Spring Campout?
    March 27, 2024 Georgia Bushcraft

    What Is the Spring Campout?

    The Spring Campout is a community focused event that brings together those that are interested in self-reliance, preparedness, bushcraft, survival, and more.
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  • Don’t Miss These Classes at the Fall Gathering
    September 1, 2023 Georgia Bushcraft

    Don’t Miss These Classes at the Fall Gathering

    While the Georgia Bushcraft Gathering offers great food, industry-leading vendors, music, giveaways, and plenty of community, one of the best parts of the weekend is the amazing group of instructors who lead classes and sessions. From stone-age primitive skills to...

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  • Blade Show 2023 Recap
    June 15, 2023 Casey Deming

    Blade Show 2023 Recap

    This year we decided to stay mobile and strategic at Blade Show. For the whole weekend, we traveled the floor checking in with members of the GABC community and some of our favorite knife companies. Check out some new and...

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  • Knife Review: Didi Galgalu

    Knife Review: Didi Galgalu

    The unique name of this knife from Helle offers a hint to its origins. The blade takes its name from the Didi Galgalu Desert in Northern Kenya. Andars of Helle designed it on a 15,000-kilometer multi-month overland journey across Africa.
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  • Bushcraft Ready Everyday Carry

    Bushcraft Ready Everyday Carry

    One of the best strategies for preparedness is layering your gear, and what you have on you at all times is the first level. Carry bushcraft and survival gear as a part of your EDC is a great way to stay ready for survival situations.
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  • Five Best Bushcraft Knots

    Five Best Bushcraft Knots

    It's time to tie up the loose ends of our series on cordage. Pun fully intended. We've already covered our favorite types of synthetic cordage and how to make cordage from natural fibers, and now we'll finish the series by...

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  • How to Use Medicinal Plants

    How to Use Medicinal Plants

    We hear a lot about a lot of medicinal plants in the bushcraft world, but the details on how to use them don't get as much attention. We are told the plants can be used as things like poultices, decoctions,...

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  • Image by Osman Rana

    Medicinal Trees of Georgia

    Some of these medicinal powers are as simple as eating a leaf, while others take some prep work. In every case, all the steps needed to access these abilities can be done in the wild. Note I won't be covering how to identify them. That step will be left to the reader as good practice.
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  • How to Make a Traditional Appalachian Berry Basket

    How to Make a Traditional Appalachian Berry Basket

    How to Make a Traditional Appalachian Berry Basket Poplar berry baskets have a rich history rooted in indigenous and rural communities, where they have been crafted for centuries. Traditionally, these baskets were used for gathering berries, herbs, and other natural...

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  • How to Make and Use a Flip Flop Winch

    How to Make and Use a Flip Flop Winch

    This week, we're bringing you a classic and interesting post from the archives of Todd Walker, aka Survival Sherpa. Todd has years of educational and survival experience under his belt, and his blog is a truly valuable online resource.  I...

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  • How to Make Natural Cordage

    How to Make Natural Cordage

    While cordage is easy to carry, you might find yourself in a spot where you need it, and it isn't available. When that's the case, making cordage from natural materials is a great skill to have in your mental toolbox.
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  • Siphoning Fuel on the Homestead

    Siphoning Fuel on the Homestead

    In a survival situation, or just on any given day on the homestead, you might find that you need to transfer fuel from one vehicle to another. Do you know how to siphon gas or other fuels? Do you have the required items on hand?
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  • Raising Backyard Chickens

    Raising Backyard Chickens

    A hundred years ago, chickens and their eggs were a delicacy of sorts, and large chicken farms didn't exist like they do today. Backyard chickens didn't really become a popular 'thing' until the late 1920s & 30s, thanks in part to the discovery of vitamin D (which helps chickens survive longer during winter months) and the Great Depression. As WWII hit in the mid-1930s, it became a sense of pride and American duty to grow Victory Gardens and raise chickens. As time went on and technology advanced, the industrialization of chicken farming grew into a multi-billion dollar industry.
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