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  • Best Bushcraft Coffee Methods

    Best Bushcraft Coffee Methods

    Coffee is near the top of the packing list for just about any adventure. So regardless if we're heading deep into the backcountry or just spending the day on the back 40, a pick me up via your favorite brew is a must-have.

    How we brew our coffee depends on the day, the gear loadout, and sometimes just our mood. Here are some of our favorite ways to get our coffee fix in the woods. 

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  • Understanding Blade Angles

    Understanding Blade Angles

    If you have spent even just a moment on the internet trying to understand what angle to sharpen your knife, you've probably encountered millions of "experts" that claim their way/method is the ONLY way to arrive at sharp. Bullspit. ANGLES are less important than APEX. We are going to uncover a sharpening reality that will help you make a genuine breakthrough in your quest to have the sharpest knife possible. 
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  • Intro to Handline Fishing

    Intro to Handline Fishing

    Handline fishing is a great way to have the ability to catch fish in a small and easy to carry package. There are multiple styles of handlines, but regardless of the design, they are all intended to keep your line tangle-free and easy to manage. Here are some of our handline fishing methods.
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  • Image by Osman Rana

    Medicinal Trees of Georgia

    Some of these medicinal powers are as simple as eating a leaf, while others take some prep work. In every case, all the steps needed to access these abilities can be done in the wild. Note I won't be covering how to identify them. That step will be left to the reader as good practice.
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  • Five Easy Edible Wild Plants

    Five Easy Edible Wild Plants

    A key bit of knowledge carried by the OG bushcrafters, such as Nessmuck, Kephart, Hammett, and Jaeger, was wild edible plants. As many did back then, they knew that plants offered nourishment and flavor when cooking in the wild. Nowadays, most people lack this skill and assume every plant is poisonous, just waiting to fertilize itself with our dead body after eating a berry. What a sad opinion of nature!
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  • Top 5 Beginner Wild Mushrooms

    Top 5 Beginner Wild Mushrooms

    When people hear about wild mushrooms, their first thoughts are usually ones of suffering a painful, messy death. This shows how far removed we’ve taken ourselves from Nature. The famous anthropologist Jared Diamond (Germs, Guns, & Steel) was in the wild with several bushmen who were excited when they found some wild mushrooms, but Diamond badgered them into dropping their feast because he “knew” wild mushrooms are poisonous. He thought he was protecting the bushmen. Talk about arrogance!
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  • How to Bushcraft with a Swiss Army Knife

    How to Bushcraft with a Swiss Army Knife

    Of the millions of the folding-knives ever made, the Swiss Army knife is arguably one of the most recognizable. The scales are usually red and bear some sort of cross emblem, and sandwiched between them; you'll find a multitude of combinations of tools. 
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  • How to Make a Survival Shelter

    How to Make a Survival Shelter

    While most of us carry a tarp or tent, there could be a time when you don't have any overhead coverage available. This is when the ability to build a shelter from natural materials becomes very useful. In this article we'll discuss how to build a debris shelter that provides warmth and coverage. 
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  • How To: Sharpening Without a Sharpener

    How To: Sharpening Without a Sharpener

    We've all done it; set up camp in a remote place only to realize that we forgot to sharpen our knife. DOH! It's frustrating spending all weekend doing camp activities with a knife-shaped bowling ball. What to do?
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  • Raising Backyard Chickens

    Raising Backyard Chickens

    A hundred years ago, chickens and their eggs were a delicacy of sorts, and large chicken farms didn't exist like they do today. Backyard chickens didn't really become a popular 'thing' until the late 1920s & 30s, thanks in part to the discovery of vitamin D (which helps chickens survive longer during winter months) and the Great Depression. As WWII hit in the mid-1930s, it became a sense of pride and American duty to grow Victory Gardens and raise chickens. As time went on and technology advanced, the industrialization of chicken farming grew into a multi-billion dollar industry.
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