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The Lost Art of Primitive Brain Tanning

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  • "The Lost Art of Primitive Brain Tanning"

    JULY 15-17, 2022

    CLASS SIZE - MIN 7 / MAX 12

    (From Deer to Buckskin in a single day)

    In this class, we will learn a Native American Method of brain tanning, that makes it possible to skin a deer in the morning and have soft pliable buckskin by nightfall, using both modern and primitive tools. Although this can be accomplished by a single person, it is best achieved by community effort as it was in primitive times.

    Two deer skins will be taken from raw to smoked buckskins. In the process we will also learn making and using rawhide cordage and rawhide glue. It should be a wonderful weekend of teaching and learning from one another.


    Frankie Lackey is a Federally Recognized member of the Chickamauga Nation. His Native American heritage includes the Cherokee and Muskogee Creek Indians.

    Frankie began learning primitive survival as a young boy and was working as a wilderness survival instructor by the time he was in his late 20s, running 21 day expeditions in the high desert's of southern Idaho.

    Frankie continues to learn and to teach at Native American events, Flint knappIng's, Public Schools and Boy Scouts.

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