Surviving the wild is tough. In this class, we'll talk about herbs to forage and use in multiple survival situations. We'll discuss a quick description of the plant and how to use it, to give the student the basis for personal study of the wild plants before a survival situation arises. Knowledge is life!

Organization: Simple Homestead Living

Learn the fundamentals of Ham Radio and see how it works.

Organization: Athens Radio Club

Vehicle recovery basics will be dicussing how to get unstuck using what you have. We will talk about winch basics, using a high lift jack, doing trail repair, and what repair materials to bring.

Organization: Classic City Overland


An introduction to the anatomy of the axe, sharpening, maintenance, and selecting the correct axe for the job. Learn what to look for in harvesting trees, felling, limbing, and processing into firewood and carving projects. The biggest emphasis will be on axe safety in the context of a remote wilderness expedition trip.

Organization: Peter Magnin Survival LLC

A comedy based class in blade safety! In Bushcraft, the use of sharp tools is very common, however, it can be boring to learn the safe way to do it. This can be a serious subject, yet Joe Flowers will be supplementing this lecture with infotainment to make an important subject fun for instructors, and outdoors humans of all ages. (viewer discretion advised, there will be some pictures of trauma).

Organization: Bushcraft Global

Each participant will carve their own bow drill kit from material supplied and will receive one on one instructions on making the bow drill fire.

Organization: Lackey's Primitive Arts and Crafts

Learn to operate a chainsaw, make field repairs, learn to use a chainsaw effectively and how to properly sharpen a chain.

Organization: Wayback Wilderness

Our standard diet is sorely lacking in nutrients that keep our bodies healthy and functioning. Survival situations can really tax our strength and stamina even more. Fermented foods can help to bring back that much-needed nutrition! Suzanne will demonstrate the basic process for fermenting a simple saurkraut in a jar, for flavor and nutrition. She will also discuss incorporating wild foods into the diet with fermentation and how to create flavor with otherwise bland survival foods. Chances are, she might even share a sample or two of something pretty delicious!

Organization: Simple Homestead Living

We will go for a walk and find mushrooms to identify and talk about.

Organization: Mycological Society

In this class you will learn the basics about the wonderful world of fungi. We will learn about the magical kingdom that grows beneath our feet and how we can use fungi to grow food at home for our families.

Organization: Middle Georgia Mushroom

Learn the edible & medicinal uses of local trees and shrubs during this 90 minute, hands-on plant walkabout.

Organization: Medicine Man Plant Co.

Learn the edible & medicinal uses of Georgia weeds and mushrooms during this hands-on plant walkabout.

Organization: Medicine Man Plant Co.

It's easy to find greens and food in summer, but can you find food in winter? In this class, we'll talk about ways to take tiny bits of wild food and create something palatable and even pleasant to eat! We'll talk about using stored wild staples as well as winter-gathering foods.

Organization: Simple Homestead Living

Youth/Kids Class

Try your best to keep up with Joe Flowers, Entomologist and Zoologist on a machete-fueled animal hunt . We will be focusing on trying to find small details in our natural world, and also look for various animals and insects along the way

Organization: Bushcraft Global

An ongoing project for kids. Make a bushcraft village, barbie sized. Godzilla will show up at the end to destroy them. Kids will have to use bushcraft fire making techniques, smoke signals, and otherstuff, to film a short one minute clip.

Organization: Bushcraft Global

Extended Workshop (Payment Required)

If Bowdrill friction fire has been your nemesis or you have found success but it isn’t consistent, this is the class we fix that. Showing from start to finish how to create a working set and by going over every tip and trick we can think of, we will get you an ember and a set to take home with you.$5 per person for materials

Organization: The Bearded Burton

Make your very own puukko style knife from a pretty ground and hard and blank with a Basswood handle which you can then carved into traditional Scandinavian figures.

Organization: Olde Towne Cutlery

We will take green wood blanks and carve out a “Multitool” for the camp kitchen ready for use when you finish the class. The Spootula can serve as a spoon, a spatula, pot hook, pan scraper and more.$5 per person materials cost

Organization: The Bearded Burton