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Educator, Author, Podcaster, Master Naturalist

Craig Caudill began his outdoor experiences while growing up hunting, fishing, and playing in the woods of Kentucky. For over four decades he has actively pursued experiential knowledge of all things related to wilderness recreation and living.

Craig's skill set in the outdoors is based upon decades of experience and countless hours of research and study with other respected instructors.  He has had the good fortune of utilizing his humble approach to outdoor education to share skills with thousands of students in the public sector as well as government agencies.  Click the "View Full Bio" link to see a portion of his credentials and agencies he has trained.



"Craig is a master educator and all-around chill dude who will meet you where you are."

Allen Sep 08, 2022

"The instructor is very informative and makes it fun an easy to learn the given info."

-DA (Wisconsin) 

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