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Bushcraft Ready Everyday Carry

Bushcraft Ready Everyday Carry

When you're going about your day, no matter if that's in your own neighborhood or you're traveling across the country, there are a few things that you can carry that will make sure you're prepared for survival and bushcraft opportunities, no matter if they're just for practice or a more serious scenario. It's a good idea to have a go-bag or similar kit for emergencies, but you can also smooth out your path and practice some skills when the opportunity arises by integrating some equipment into your EDC using a layered approach.

For starters, most bushcrafters probably carry a knife, but it shouldn't be skipped. There are plenty of great options, but for EDC, a small fixed blade that's capable but easy to carry is a great choice. Or you can go with a folder that meets your needs. We're particularly fond of the small fixed blade paired with a Swiss Army Knife or Multitool to further expand your capability.

Now, it's difficult to talk about survival or bushcraft and not bring up fire. And it's easy to add some fire-starting capabilities to your everyday carry with some simple items. Of course, the ubiquitous BIC lighter is a readily available option. However, a ferrocium rod works when wet, provides thousands of strikes, and with natural or manmade tender, it's a trustworthy way to get a fire going. There are thousands of ferro rod options, but since we're discussing equipment based on everyday-carry-ability, we'd be amiss if we didn't mention our friends at WAZOO survival. Their line of Spark necklaces gives you a ferro rod paired with a trusty ceramic striker that you can literally wear 24/7. The Viking Spark version even adds a whetstone into the mix so that you can easily maintain your EDC blade.

The opposite of fire is water, and water is also the next category of EDC we want to cover. While it might seem overly simplified, a quality stainless steel bottle can help keep you hydrated from day to day, and when the need arises, you can use it to boil water for food, tea, or purification purposes. While you can just sit the bottle in the fire, a few minutes with a piece of wood, your EDC blade, and a bit of cordage can make a toggle that will allow you to retrieve the bottle from the fire without risking a burn.

Speaking of cordage, it's endlessly handy and can come to the rescue for thousands of use cases. While a simple hank of 550 cord in your pocket is handy, you can also choose to carry your cordage in the form of a paracord bracelet. Even if it's not on your wrist, you can loop it around a backpack handle or use it as a keychain. Making your own is half of the fun, and there are some really cool quick-release patterns available.

Now, with fire, water, and a knife, you can definitely survive and/or get in some bushcraft practice, but to really thrive, some small items come in handy. And while you can easily load down your pockets, there's a better way to keep those small pieces of kit on you at all times, and that's the Cache Belt from our friends at WAZOO. The Velcro pocket runs the full length of the belt, items are accessible while you're wearing the belt, and it looks good in any number of settings. I paid full price for mine, and I've worn it 99% of the days for the last three or four years. Why 99%, you might be wondering? Well, during the summer, I like to spend some weekends on the river, and my trunks don't have belt loops. Plus, I had at least a couple of funerals and my brown belt doesn't go with a black suit, so I should probably get a black Cache Belt as a backup.

With this kit, it's easy to stay prepared for impromptu skills practice or a situation where you really need some survival equipment. One of the best strategies for preparedness is layering your gear, and what you have on you at all times is the first level. Tag us on social media with your bushcrafty EDC. We'd love to see it.

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