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Jacks Genega | Wildcard Wilderness

Jacks Genega | Wildcard Wilderness

Jacks Genega is an avid adventurer and full-time van-lifer whose journey into exploring wilderness skills began when she encountered an earthquake, witnessed an avalanche, and fell into a crevasse on just day one of her solo hike across Iceland’s Landmannalauger region. It was then that she thought to herself, “I really need to amplify my survival skills.” She didn’t shy away from other solo travels across the UK and Europe having traversed some of the Alps’ highest peaks, glaciers and rivers while also studying bushcraft with Woodland Ways (UK) leading up to the completion of their Northern Forest Year, a year-long intensive in Scotland’s East Lothian region, home to the famous mountaineer, John Muir. She then carried her love for the craft back to the U.S. training under various experts in the fields of emergency and wilderness survival. She hopes to share her love of all things bushcraft and survival in hopes to not only help others develop a shared skill set, but to aid in a sense of resilience through self-reliance by inspiring others to participate in the field. When she is not working or playing in the woods she works with ad agencies and brands video editing content. Jacks can be reached via her social media pages, Wildcard Wilderness.

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