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Multipurpose Survival Scarf

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Originally inspired by Mors Kochanski, this is first and foremost a scarf. The dead airspace trapped between the folds of the soft, diamond rip-stop nylon, works wonders to prevent cold air movement from stealing your precious body heat from unprotected neck areas.

  • It is open at one end in a long bag shape, so it can be used for many other things such as gathering leaves or grasses for a debris bed or fire-starting, gathering nuts, berry’s, and seeds, or stuffing with clothes for use as a pillowcase.
  • The neon orange interior allows it to be turned inside out to be used as a signal panel or to be worn during hunting season.
  • With a piece of strong cord one can easily use it for an improvised sling pack.
  • Use as a pre-filter before boiling water for consumption. (recommended that it is hand-washed with no soap before this use)
  • Lay on the ground to catch shavings for fire prep.
  • and the uses continue…

These are 17″ wide by 58″ long and weigh just under 7 ounces.

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