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Firecraft Class Review

Firecraft Class Review


We all know that fire plays a huge part in our outdoor experience. From the cheerful campfire to an absolute must-have in a survival situation. And amongst the bushcraft crowd, plenty of people are dedicated to pursuing primitive fire-starting techniques like the bow drill and hand drill. 


 If you want to take a deep dive into everything related to firecraft, Bushcraft Kelso's upcoming Firecraft class should be at the top of your to-do list. Firecraft is the art of creating and sustaining a fire for the purposes of survival or daily use. This craft is one of the oldest human skills that is quickly disappearing in our society today. Less than a century ago, starting a fire was a daily task. 


Over the course of three days, Kelso will take the class through a long list of fire-starting techniques, and along the way, he'll cover the important factors to keep in mind to ensure your fire is a success in adverse conditions.

"Kelso is a great guy who has a wealth of knowledge and the patience of a Saint. He is dedicated to teaching what he loves and his personality is contagious. I enjoyed taking this course with my kids and look forward to taking more."



This class is great for all ages and experience levels, and it's the perfect weekend for the whole family. To register and for more information, visit the class page below.


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