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Best Bushcraft Gear: Bushcraft Kelso

Best Bushcraft Gear: Bushcraft Kelso

We caught up with the one and only Bushcraft Kelso at his latest Fire Craft class and asked him to contribute to the Bushcraft Gear Essentials series. If you follow him on Instagram, then you can probably guess a few of his favorite pieces of gear, but just clarify, here's what he told us. 

 bushcraft gear everyday carry from Bushcraft Kelso

Bahco Laplander

Bahco Laplander saw

This trusty folding saw packs a punch well above its weight class. The ability to safely process materials is important, whether it's to create fire or cut specific-sized pieces for a woodcrafting project. It's easily carried and implemented. I added a lanyard to personalize this well-used tool.


Victorinox Farmer X 

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

A well-rounded multitool is worth its weight in gold. The ability to carve, cut, and drill gives one a huge advantage in creating just about anything. Carrying this in your pocket gives the user lots of options as well as being prepared. I've added a lanyard with some extra bits to the knife, adding utility to better suit my wants. This is part of my EDC, and has created many outdoor projects.


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awl from Bushcraft Kelso

A good awl is priceless. The ability to poke holes in things has brought humans a long way in life. Using an awl that you have hand-forged yourself is extremely rewarding, as well as being super handy. This awl was one of the first I ever forged and lives in the bill of my hat.

You can get your own awl, and other great gear, HERE 

"Magic String" 

 550 paracord for everyday carry

A piece of cordage has an enormous amount of uses. From bowdrill implements to an emergency dog leash, uses are only limited by length and imagination. This specific piece is carried everyday and has been extremely useful over the years. Many a person has used this string to achieve their first bow drill ember, thus earning the name "magic string."


Water Bottle

Stainless steel water bottle

Water is pretty important. Three days without it, and we are in bad shape. The ability to carry and purify water on the fly is a good idea; either at work or in the bush, hydration is important. This water bottle has traveled the country with me and quenched my thirst many times. 

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