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Best Bushcraft Knives

Best Bushcraft Knives


Who makes the best bushcraft knife? Or better yet, what is the best bushcraft knife? These are the questions we ponder and discuss around the campfire amongst friends. There are nearly endless options in price, construction, and style of bushcraft knives, but most high-quality ones share a few specific characteristics. 

It's also worth noting that a bushcraft knife and survival knife aren't exactly the same things. A bushcraft knife performs general camp duties, usually isn't the only cutting tool available and is often called upon to do detailed work to create camp implements. Whereas a survival knife might be the only tool you have, it's often paired with a compact kit that covers multiple aspects of survival, and it needs to be able to take the abuse that might be required in a real-life or death situation. 

Here are some of our favorite bushcraft knives that we trust on our outings. 


GNS by LT Wright Knives

The GNS has been in the LT Wright Knives lineup for a number of years. Over time, numerous versions featuring different steels, grinds, thicknesses, and handle materials have debuted. With a bit of patience, any bushcrafter can find a GNS that fits their preferences. Regardless of the specifics, the GNS is 9.5 inches long with a 4.25-inch long blade, making it an excellent medium-sized belt. It's great for handling a host of camp tasks, including cooking, carving, and more. The pictured version, the LTAC GNS, features slightly thicker stock, a swedge, and a unique micarta on the handle. 

Didi Galgalu by Helle Knives

The Helle Didi Galgalu is an impressive bushcraft blade in terms of functionality and the beauty of the design. Featuring curly birch scales, no two will be exactly the same. The highly polished 14C28N stainless steel blade is well suited for adventures in humid conditions. It also includes a leather sheath emblazoned with the outline of Africa, which hints at the interesting story behind the design. The Didi Galgalu was originally developed on a multi-month overland trip through Africa with the world-renowned Voetspore team. Be on the lookout for a full review here on the Explorer blog soon.

Mora Classic Series by Morakniv

The venerable Mora is likely the knife brand most synonymous with bushcraft. Morakniv has been making knives for over 400 years, and for the majority of that time, they've looked essentially the same. The Scandinavian grind, red birch handle, and streamlined sheath makes for a no-fuss functional blade for most bushcraft tasks. The Mora Classic Series are timeless. While some have glued tangs, Mora has recently brought back the full rat-tail tangs that are riveted at the pommel. While you probably shouldn't baton seasoned oak with these, this construction method can handle just about any camp chores. For heavy-duty tasks, it's best to pair the Mora with an ax or hatchet.


Kansbol by Morakniv


At the opposite end of the Mora spectrum from the classic series, the Kansbol is one of the most updated knives in the Mora line. What really makes the Kansbol stand out is the interesting compound grind. This gives a thin slicing tip and a more robust section near the handle. Both sections feature a Scandi grind, only varying in grind height. It's also made of stainless steel and a polypropylene handle, making it ideal for trips on or near the water.


The Farmer Alox by Victorinox


 The ubiquitous Swiss Army Knife is an adventure EDC legend. While there are countless versions with a nearly endless combination of tools, we find ourselves favoring the classic Alox Farmer. The aluminum scales are durable and can easily be modified; just ask Bushcraft Kelso. Plus, the combined tools included in the Farmer model are handy in the backcountry and daily life. The awl is one of the best out there and can easily bore holes into wood or other natural materials. Plus, the Farmer is available in a variety of colors, including yearly limited editions. 


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