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Our Favorite Bushcraft Knives From Blade Show 2024

Our Favorite Bushcraft Knives From Blade Show 2024

What makes a bushcraft knife a bushcraft knife? 

Most people agree that a bushcraft knife is a tool designed to process wood and other materials to create needed items and outcomes while venturing into the outdoors. From processing wood for building a fire, to carving desired outdoor items such as tent stakes, tripods, and even netting needles, a bushcraft knife must be able to perform these tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We recently attended Blade Show in Atlanta G.A., and were exposed to a huge variety of blades that could easily live up to performing all of these tasks and then some!

We found so many blades that were worth mentioning! Here are just a few that we would consider our favorites for “Best Bushcraft Knife” at Blade Show 2024!

In no particular order…

1.) LT Wright Knives: Bushcrafter

LT Write has been an absolute staple in the bushcraft community for many years. Their Bushcrafter model is a tried and true classic, and the benchmark of our list. The size, blade profile, and materials make it a top choice for bushcraft enthusiasts the world over. The models we saw at the show were made with 01 tool steel, scandi grind, and some of the most beautiful handle materials we saw at the entire show!

2.) Exodus Knife and Tool: The Adventure Craft series

Exodus Knife and Tool is a collaborative effort between designer Jacob Peterson, and White River Knife and Tool Inc. A very new and unique design to the bushcraft community, the Adventure Craft is a much smaller offering than other knives on our list. Its small size however does not mean that it sacrifices on performance, able to do many of the same tasks as its larger counterparts. Made from S35VN steel, and coming in at a mear 3oz, this is a very tempting offering for anyone desiring to travel light in the outdoors!  

3.) White River Knife and Tool: The Ursus 45

Keeping the list within the White River family of products we took a long look at the Ursus 45. Made from S35VN steel, with a size and profile that would accommodate both survival and bushcraft tasks alike, this one really stood out as a potential one tool option for any outdoors adventure! This knife also boasted some of the most stunning patterned micarta scales that we saw all weekend!

4.) Condor Tool and Knife: Narrowsaur

Last, but certainly not least Condor TK is no stranger to the bushcraft community having made classic designs like their Bushlore and Puukko models. Keeping in line with those traditions, The Narrowsuar offers up many features that bushcrafters will find very appealing. Designed by Joe Flowers, the Narrowsaur is a variant of his other hugely popular model The Terrasaur. Narrowing up the shape and profile of the Terrasaur, the “Narrowsaur” also boasts a scandi grind, 1095 steel, and walnut handle that will be another hit in the bushcraft community!

There were many companies represented at Blade Show 2024 that offer amazing products well suited to their designated tasks! These were just a few models that we felt like offered unique and innovative designs that will fit the needs and tastes of anyone looking to practice bushcraft and other related outdoor skills!   

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